Dr. Michelle Cleckler         - 1257 Lake Plaza Dr., Suite 125   Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Michelle Cleckler, Psy.D.
1257 Lake Plaza Dr. Suite #125
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Aug 2008 - Present   Licensed Clinical Psychologist
                                   Colorado #3216     
Aug 2007 - Aug 2008  Licensed School Psychologist
                                     Oregon #10387342

PsyD, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Child Clinical Track
Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon
APA Accredited Clinical Psychology Program
M.S., Master of Science, Clinical Psychology
Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon
APA Accredited Clinical Psychology Program
B.A., Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

  • Child and Adolescent Neuropsych Assessment and Treatment
  • Identification and Treatment of Learning Disorders, ADHD, & Autism
  • Consultation Regarding Behavior Management in Schools
Aug 2008 - Present
Private Practice
Colorado Springs, CO
       * Conducting psychological testing and evaluation of children, adolescents, and young adults

Sep 2008 – Aug 2011    
Licensed Psychologist
Excelsior Youth Center, Inc., Aurora, CO
  • Conducting psychological evaluations.
  • Conducting psychoeducational evaluations.
  • Consultation with treatment staff.
Aug 2007 – June 2008
Licensed School Psychologist
Forest Grove School District, Forest Grove, OR
  • Conducted ADHD, Emotional/Behavioral Disturbance, Learning Disorder, and Autism/Aspergers evaluations.
  • Conducted risk assessments.
  • Conducted trainings on executive functioning deficits and impact on children’s behavior.
  • Implemented and trained staff on Collaborative Problem Solving behavior management curriculum.
  • Conducted skills groups for children with ADHD, Autism/Aspergers, ODD, and other disorders.
  • School-wide, classroom-wide, and family consultation regarding psychological, behavioral, and academic issues.
 Aug 2006-Aug 2007
Clinical Psychology Post-Doc
APA Approved Clinical Psychology Program
Morrison Child and Family Services
Oregon Youth Authority-Hillcrest and MacLaren Facilities
Portland, OR and Salem, OR
  • Suicide, violence, and reoffending risk assessments.
  • Therapy & assessment with youth offenders (14-25 yrs)
  • Consultation with correctional staff on treatment modalities and clinical issues.
Aug 2005-Aug 2006
Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship
 APA Approved Internship Program
Morrison Child and Family Services, Portland, OR
  • Individual, family, and group psychotherapy in out-patient and residential settings with children ages 2-17 years.
  • Intake assessments and psychological evaluations.
  • Risk assessments, individual therapy, and group therapy at juvenile prison.
  • Created manual for DBT-skills groups for children ages 8-12.
  • Collected pre and post data regarding effectiveness of group. Working towards publication of research studies and manual.
  • Consultation with staff 
Aug 2004-Aug 2005
Therapist and Assessment Clinician
Morrison Child and Family Services, Portland, OR
  • Individual, family, and group therapy with children ages 3-17 years.
  • Intake assessments and psychological evaluations.
  • Ten-week psychotherapy group for school-age children in foster care.
Sept 2003-Aug 2004
Adult, Child, and Family Therapist
Self Enhancement Incorporated (SEI), Portland, OR
  • Individual and group therapy with African-American adults, children, and adolescents.
  • Psychoeducation/Support group for African-American parents involved with Child Protective Services.
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Parent-Child Interaction Evaluations
Oct 2003-March 2004
Group Co-Facilitator
Autism Psycho-education/Support Group
Oregon Health SciencesUniversity
Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC), Portland, OR
  • Psychoeducation/Support group for parents of children with Autism-spectrum disorders.
Sept 2002-Aug 2003
Adult and Family Therapist
Psychological Service Center
School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University, Portland, OR
  • Individual and family psychotherapy with adults and adolescents.
  • SMART Recovery groups for adults with drug and alcohol addiction. Based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).
  • Intake assessments on adults, children, and adolescents. 
Dec 1999-June 2000 
Group Facilitator
Domestic Violence Shelter, Volunteers of America, Denver, CO
  • Created and conducted a domestic violence group for children ages 9-12 years.
  • Helped homeless mothers increase parenting skills and gain better understanding of child development.
Aug 2007 – June 2008
Practicum Supervisor
Forest Grove School District, Forest Grove, OR 
  • Supervised graduate students on assessment and therapy.
  • Provided in-depth training on assessment measures, interpretation, and report writing.
  • Conducted trainings on child therapy techniques, ethics, and multicultural issues.
Sept 2008 – Present
University of Phoenix, Graduate Program
October 2006                         
Seminar: Cultural Competency in Assessment of
Child Abuse
Oregon Department of Human Services
  • Presented and discussed research addressing cultural differences in the assessment of child abuse and neglect.
Jan 2005-April 2005              
Diagnosis and Treatment Course
Pacific University, Portland, OR
June 1998-July 1999
StorageTek Kids Preschool, Louisville, Colorado
Jan 1998-May 1998
Introduction to Psychology, CU Boulder 
June 2004-Aug 2004
Research Assessment Clinician
Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR       
  • Administered neuropsychological assessments with adolescent males.
Oct 2002-May 2003
Research Assistant
Pacific University
Forest Grove, OR
  • Data collection and entry.
Nov 1998-May 1999
Research Assistant
University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Conducted controlled research experiments looking at semantic and temporal memory.
  • Worked in the laboratory of Alice Healy, PhD, Cognitive Psychologist.
April 2004-Aug 2004
OSHA Employee Safety Grant
Oregon Rehabilitation Association (ORA), Salem, OR
Jan 2004
Title: Behavioral Modification of Maladaptive Behaviors in Autistic Children
Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR
May 2003
Clinical Case Presentation: Bipolar Client
School of Professional Psychology, Pacific University
Portland, OR
April 1999
Research Presentation
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO
PSI CHI National Psychology Honor Society
University of Colorado at Boulder
American Psychological Association
Colorado Psychological Association
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